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Forget slow Internet connections, welcome to the future. High speed internet delivered to your home or office by the ultimate technology available all over Europe.

Enjoy web TV, follow the news, download music and movies, phone a friend, exchange email, messages, photos and videos with your friends, work from home, study, relax, discover the world from your PC.

best value

Open Sky TEMPO

The only flat pay per use internet in the market. Enjoy the web and save money!

  • 8 Mbps Download
  • 2 Mbps Upload
  • Hourly rate= 0,60 Euro
    After the fourth hour internet will be free of charge for the rest of the day
    Maximum cost per day = 2,40 Euro
  • VAT included

Open Sky Tooway 10

Affordable and Fast

  • 22 Mbps Download
  • 6 Mbps Upload
  • Monthly data allowance: 10 GB
  • VAT included
best value

Open Sky Tooway 25

Unlimited at night*

  • 22 Mbps Download
  • 6 Mbps Upload
  • Monthly data allowance: 25 GB
    *Unlimited from 24:00 to 6:00
  • VAT included


Choose your favorite Subscription and we'll take care of all the rest:
the equipment (modem + 77 cm diameter dish) will be installed by one of our authorized technician.

The equipment

Kit Tooway Purchase = 425€
Activation fee: 179€ one-time charge with no commitment.
If you subscribe a 24 months contract commitment you’ll benefit a discount of 50€
therefore you’ll have to pay only 129€ : 99€ in advance and 30€ on the first invoice after activation.

Contribution to delivery cost = 40€
All prices are in Euro and include VAT
Installation: is not included.
Subscription aren't subject to minimum contract term.

Data allowance

Data allowance is expressed in Gigabyte (GB). Every 30 days the data allowance is renewed. For Tooway 25 the traffic is unlimited from 24:00 to 6:00.
In Open Sky TEMPO subscription the Peer to Peer traffic is available only from 23:00 to 7:00, video protocols, video streaming and video surveillance are de-prioritize compared to web browsing.

Please note that video and HD streaming can use your data allowance quickly and may result in fair access restrictions so please ask to Open Sky team which is the most suitable subscription and how to maximize your profile data with unlimited overnight downloads. We inform customers that due to characteristic satellite latency on line gaming is not possible.


We have professional technicians that are committed to provide the best installation and also to advise and suggest the optimization of your home wireless.


The KA-Sat technology allows VOIP, satellite TV and internet reception with the same dish. Once you have purchased one of our Open Sky Profiles you can access to your reserved area to activate additional services.


Open Sky can help to improve your business!

All business profiles includes static public IP necessary to reach and monitor all the devices of the firm

best value


Highest priority profile

Open Sky Europe

Business Flat supply internet broadband satellite without limits of traffic volume.
This offer includes static public IP


In order to reach company devices for remote monitoring all over Europe and support all your applications. It guarantees web access thanks to high security standards of Tooway satellite connection and allows the configuration and prioritization of access protocols tailored on the needs of the user.


Best choice for remote
video control

Open Sky Europe

Available for all purpose of remote monitoring video-camera or data logging has a strong uplink to support your traffic.


High performance and reliability thanks to satellite broadband connection allows a safe connectivity essential for this special service.


Reliable and Safe
access to remote devices

Open Sky Europe

This profile provide a reliable and stable connection indispensable for data monitoring and data logging all over Europe.


Open Sky Telemetry is a professional subscription specially built for the needs of the companies that requires a reliable and stable connection for data monitoring and data logging all over Europe thanks to high security professional standard guaranteed by satellite connectivity.

best value


Affordable and flexible

Open Sky Europe

Volume is the exclusive Open Sky professional solution per GigaByte pay per use billing and static public IP.


Open Sky Volume can be used as back-up solution. Support and guarantees a stable connection even in case of ADSL failure : it ensure independence from standard terrestrial network. A router balancer, supplied upon request, divert traffic if the primary connection suffers for down time. It is flexible and can be customize and filtered by our R&D team to fit your request.



  • Open Sky Europe

    Internet via satellite external equipment and indoor modem

  • Open Sky Europe

    European coverage of the KA-Sat, the only satellite entirely dedicated to internet connections

Our fast broadband service Tooway is delivered by Eutelsat's innovative KA-Sat, the only European IP native satellite that covers all Europe.

Tooway has delivered an important technological evolution because allows a fast, reliable and stable connection wherever you are, whatever the weather. Unlike other technologies that require extensive infrastructure our service can be delivered in few days and installed in your house in less than 2-3 hours.

The equipment includes a 77cm bidirectional dish installed outside and a cable connection to the indoor modem.
The quality of the service is the same no matter if you live in a crowded Paris's suburb, in a country house in Tuscany or in one of the Dalmatian's islands.

No phone line or other wired connection is required!


From n°1 distributor in Europe experience the performance of new generation satellite

Open Sky is a young, dynamic and fast growing enterprise, and a major player between international distributors of digital content via satellite. Customer care is our first and main objective: Open Sky professional team grants total support and satisfy even the most exigent customer. Eutelsat partner since 2001, Open Sky has developed a whole new range of satellite services in two main areas:

  • Digital content distribution via satellite to cinemas and theaters throughout Europe
    Over 450 cinemas in Italy and 1200 in Europe are served by Open Sky network operation center through two teleports: one in Vicenza and the other in Paris.
    The satellite technology allows to add to film distribution, live events that can be enjoyed simultaneously by the audience of the connected cinemas.
  • Internet via satellite system – Open Sky is the first European distributor of Tooway
    Open Sky has always had fruitful cooperation with public and private enterprises, the Italian Civil Defense, single towns or areas with the goal of bringing specific and flexible solutions and remove digital divide problems, and direct partnership with many Italian regions.

    In less than two years Open Sky acquired more than 12.000 customers, with a network of 110 Open Sky Service and 2.500 Tooway certified installer in Italy. For Open Sky experience and knowledge are important: it has instituted an Open Academy where all installers can keep the pace and be updated on the fast changing satellite technology.

Thanks to its successful experience in Italy Open Sky has started to export its business model and innovative subscriptions all over Europe.


For any information you may require about Open Sky services please write us using the following form:

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